J. & G. Brown

J. & G. Brown, Joiners, Wood, Zinc, and Tin Packing-box Makers, Blythswood Packing-case Works, 23 and 25, Douglas Street.ó

    The distances the greater part of the goods exported from Glasgow are sent, combined with the frequent transhipments to which they are subject, make it imperative that they be packed in strong cases, thoroughly able to stand a considerable amount of rough usage. In the manufacture of these cases, both for home use and for export trade, the firm, of Messrs. J. & G. Brown have for a great number of years held a first-class position.

    The firm was established over a hundred years ago, by Mr. James Brown, the grandfather of the present sole proprietor, under the style of James Brown. This firm for many years did a large trade in Montrose Street, removing from thence to Mitchell Street, afterwards to Alston Street, where their connection became still more widely extended. About ten years ago the Caledonian Railway Company acquired their premises in Alston Street, causing the firm to set about the erection of the large block of buildings in Douglas Street which they now occupy. The firmís designation was for some time Robert Brown, this being changed some ten years ago to the present style.

    The premises, which are known as the Blythswood Packing-case Works, consist of three flats with a frontage of one hundred and five feet. The lower flat is occupied by machinery, and by a large horse-power engine. The second flat is taken up by the packing-box makers, while the third flat is occupied by the makers of tin cases. There is also a well appointed counting-house, and a large store for stock and ironmongery furnishings.

    Messrs. J. & G. Brown have a wide connection with all the leading warehousemen and shippers in the city, the uniform high-class nature of their work being thoroughly well known. There is no house in this branch of industry which enjoys a higher reputation, or is held in more general esteem.

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