James & William Brown

James & William Brown, Coal Merchants, 28, St. Enoch Square.

    In connection with our great coal industries that department which comes under the heading of distribution is thoroughly represented in the firm of James & William Brown. Established for a number of years, Messrs. Brown have occupied their premises in St. Enoch Square since the commencement of their business. The firm have two large-depots, situated respectively at the Caledonian Railway, Dalmarnock Road, and at the North British Railway, East Nelson Street, Camlachie.

    The classes of coal in which they deal includes household, steam, smithy, and gas or cannel. Their trade extends all over the city and suburbs and into the country, and in connection with steamships and in shipping-circles the name of the firm is widely known. Messrs. Brown are also large contractors for the supply of cannel coal to gasworks throughout Scotland.

    The success which this firm has won in the coal trade is due to the energy and perseverance of the principals who are held in high esteem by their many supporters for upright principles.

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