James Brown

James Brown, Mount Blue Pottery, Camlachie.

    It is particularly interesting in reviewing the various trades and industries which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of the city of Glasgow and the neighbourhood, to meet with an establishment of such well-known celebrity and extensive connections as that of Mr. James Brown, the Mount Blue Pottery, Camlachie.

    The works, which are well recognised as being the largest and most complete of their kind in Scotland, were established by Mr. Brown in 1879, and cover an area of fully an acre and a half of ground, and comprise within their limits large buildings containing clay mills, turning and throwing shops, kiln house, having four large kilns, two immense drying lofts, glazing house, &c., together with offices, counting-house, and all the accessories of a well-appointed and thoroughly organised establishment. Wherever practicable steam power and the most improved machinery have been introduced, and it is worthy of note that this is one of the very few potteries in Scotland in which mechanical appliances driven by steam-power are in use for brown-ware manufacture. The principal features of the manufacture are every description of brown and glazed earthenware, flower-pots, terra-cotta ware, and jars and vases of antique, modern, and classic designs for the use of students as models.

    Upwards of thirty skilled and experienced workmen are constantly employed. The firm also send out several energetic travellers, covering the whole of Scotland. Mr. Brown was awarded the highest honour for flower-pots and brown ware at the International Exhibition of Industry, Science, and Art held at Edinburgh in 1886.

    He is a gentleman possessing the advantage of long and thorough practical experience, and exercises that sound judgment and well-directed energy which have always been so eminently characteristic of his commercial transactions.

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