James Brown

James Brown, Family Bread and Biscuit Baker, 891, Dumbarton Road, Partick.

    This baking establishment was instituted twenty-five years ago by Mr. James Brown, who was succeeded some six years since by Mrs. Brown. Originally it was a single shop, but some years ago underwent considerable alterations. It is now a fine large double one, exceedingly well fitted up, elaborately finished, and is now of very attractive appearance. It is devoted to the baking of family bread, pastries, and small fancy breads, and has a fine bakehouse at the rear of the shop. A speciality is made of the celebrated Abernethy biscuits. There is an old and first-class family connection attached to the business, with which a large and satisfactory trade is done. Mrs. Brown is ably assisted by her son and an efficient staff of skilled workmen and assistants, and she devotes herself with untiring energy to the welfare of her customers, who in return give a ready support and show her a very kindly appreciation of her long years of labour in their mutual interest.

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