John Brown

John Brown, Saddler and Harness Maker, 9, Bothwell Circus.—

    An eminent Glasgow house in its line is that conducted by Mr. John Brawn, which was originally established by him in Kilmarnock years ago, subsequently removed to London, and has been located at the present address for the past eighteen months. The premises occupied have an excellent street frontage, with a spacious shop and well appointed workrooms in the rear. A large staff are at all times employed, actual number engaged varying according to the season.

    Every description of saddlery and harness is manufactured, a proper fit, style, perfect workmanship, and superior quality in material being guaranteed, together with the lowest quotations compatible with these distinctive advantages. The speciality, however, for which the house has a high reputation is the manufacture of a patent spring open-top harness neck collar, of which Mr. Brown is the inventor and sole patentee and maker. For horses that are difficult to “collar” it must prove invaluable, as there is no necessity for putting the collar over the horse’s head, since it closes with a neatly-concealed, self-acting, and perfectly secure spring at the top, an arrangement so simple that the most fractious or troublesome horse can be “collared” without assistance. For horses with thin necks this invention is essentially adapted, and as the collar always maintains its shape, galling or “rawing” is prevented. Another speciality consists in the production of first-class carriage harness, and the particular feature allied with the patent collar, is the making of superior horse-clothing, for which, and the harness, two silver medals have been awarded to the proprietor. Knee-caps, driving aprons, gig, carriage and cart quarter covers are kept in stock or made to order. Mr. Brown has recently extended his business by making it a carriage and harness bazaar, and this has thus supplied a long-felt want, there having been nothing of the kind hitherto in Glasgow. Ladies and gentlemen in want of either carriages or harness will consult their own best interests by making their purchases at the Bothwell Circus Carriage and Harness Bazaar, where the display is so varied and complete that every taste can be easily suited. Mr. Brown has been awarded two silver medals for the superior quality and style of his harness and other productions. The immense stock is kept in excellent order, and the business is well organised and conducted with tact, push, and energy. The trade is very extensive, and well established in Glasgow and the neighbourhood.

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