Brown, Smith, & Co.

Brown, Smith, & Co., Wholesale Warehousemen, 14, Buchanan Street.—

    Amongst the many large mercantile establishments which contribute so materially to the commercial prosperity of the city of Glasgow, the well-known firm of Messrs. Brown, Smith & Co. has for many years occupied a very prominent position. The business of this firm is conducted with that energy and enterprise which are so eminently characteristic of the mercantile men of this city. The premises are of a superior character, and comprise large warehouse and counting-house. The large and valuable stock of goods consists of millinery in all its branches, laces, silks, ribbons, straws, feathers, flowers, &c., and all goods of a kindred nature.

    This firm has also a branch establishment at 16, Prince’s Street, Edinburgh. The trade is entirely wholesale and extends all over North Britain. Messrs. Brown, Smith & Co. possess the advantage of long and thorough mercantile experience, their reputation is firmly and deservedly established, and the connections of this house are thoroughly sound. There are few firms more representative of all the best features of the various lines of goods dealt in. Messrs. Brown, Smith & Co. are justly entitled to rank among the largest and most influential houses in the city.

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