J. R. Browne

J. R. Browne, Artistic Photographer, 401, Dumbarton Road.

    A new studio has recently been opened in Overnewton district by Mr. John R. Browne, who has been connected with the profession since 1871. The studio and workshop are well appointed and commodiously arranged, the former presenting a very handsome appearance, and containing a very select collection of photographic works executed at the establishment.

    The great speciality of the house is the production of artistic photography in the form of autographs from the ordinal cartes by the permanent carbon printing process on porcelain placques or panels, in red chalk, sepia, engraving black, brown, dark blue, purple, &c., colours which can be produced by this process only. Portraits, pictures, and views are outlined on canvas for the use of painters, and worked up in monochrome. Mr. Browne is the only local artist using this process, which, in fact, constitutes the staple of his trade. His enlargements from photographs are renowned all over Glasgow for their life-like characteristics, and his productions in permanent carbon, porcelain, on opal, ivory, and canvas are of equal excellence.

    The business is exclusively confined to Glasgow, and particularly well established among the better class of patrons. Mr. Browne also produces photo-lithographic transfers and photo-relief plates for the use of printers.

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