John Brownlee

John Brownlee, Family Baker and Purveyor, 180, Paisley Road West.—

    A noted establishment in the bread-making industry is that of Mr. John Brownlee, which was established by him at the above address in 1882. The emporium is a fine comer shop excellently fixtured, with a commodious bakery underneath and a store in the rear. There are branch establishments at Winton Terrace, Victoria Road, Crosshill, and 56, Maitland Street, Cowcaddens. The working staff employed are all picked tradesmen.

    A special production of the house is the making of Brownlee’s superior hand-made bread and equally celebrated sweet milk loaves. For each of these specialities the house has a high reputation all over the city. Another speciality consists in the supply of pure tea, the house representing several of the most celebrated importers in the United Kingdom. Brownlee’s teas are renowned in the locality for their pure, pungent, and perfect flavour, and fine aromatic qualities. Hot pies, too, a most delicious luxury, are obtainable every Saturday with marked punctuality, the quality of which can be guaranteed. Ices, creams, and jellies of every kind are found in stock, all of which are manufactured by the proprietor. Marriage suppers, public banquets, &c., are contracted for, and supplied in first-class style. The entire business is conducted with tact and energy in all departments.

    The branch shop in Winton Terrace, Crosshill, which has been opened by this firm this year, is in appearance one of the most attractive in or about Glasgow, being a fine double shop of a most superior style. The floor and windows are beautifully laid with the finest tiles. Within the shop there are also some of the finest specimens of glasswork. Behind the shop this firm have built a most commodious and compact bakehouse, which is fitted with all the finest and latest improvements in machinery for baking purposes. Here they have also built stables.

    The proprietor is practically acquainted with all the branches of the trade, and is highly respected by his numerous patrons.

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