David Bryce & Sons

David Bryce & Sons, Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers, Buchanan Street.—

    The publishing and bookselling house of Messrs David Bryce & Son is one of the best-known in Glasgow. The nucleus of this business was laid over fifty years ago by Mr. David Bryce, father the present principal of the house, who subsequently admitted the latter into partnership with himself. The firm have been located in Buchanan Street for over fifty years. The firm’s establishment to-day is one of the handsomest of the fine business houses that line the pavements of this, one of Glasgow’s most queenly thoroughfares. It has a very fine frontage to Buchanan Street, and extends back to a depth of 120 feet. The principal shop is handsome and commodious, with large rooms in the basement for packing and storing purposes. Beyond the well-lighted saloon is the extensive library, one of the oldest lending libraries in the west of Scotland.

    In books, as in all other things in modern days, the popular demand is for something new, and an examination of one of the library catalogues, which can be had gratis, will show that Messrs. Bryce are fully abreast of the times in supplying the latest and best current literature. Parcels are delivered daily in all parts of the city and suburbs by the library van, thereby saving the numerous subscribers the trouble of exchanging books themselves. The terms of subscription range from one guinea per annum, and Messrs. Bryce’s patrons have every reason to congratulate themselves on securing so much pleasant recreation at so small a cost. Another feature is the frequent issue of clearance lists of books withdrawn from circulation, which may also be had on application, and are no doubt of great interest to local book collectors. In connection with this library are comfortable waiting and reading rooms, designed for the accommodation of the numerous lady patrons. The firm is now carried on by Mr. David Bryce, son of the founder, and is one of the largest and most important of the bookselling and publishing concerns of modern Glasgow. The facilities of this firm place them in a position to supply at the shortest notice any work that is not actually to be found in their establishment. They have for eighteen consecutive years published “Educational Guide”, the object of which is to assist heads of families in arranging for the education of their children by placing before them, in a concise form, information regarding the principal educational institutions in Scotland, England, and the Continent, and also the cards of teachers in languages, arts, music, &c., &c. This work is a useful compilation of its kind, and as an advertising medium for teachers and an educational vade mecum for parents and guardians is alike invaluable. They also publish that unparalleled pennyworth, the “Illustrated Time Table, Guide, and Note-Book to the Highland Routes”.

    Later, Messrs. Bryce have distinguished themselves by the issue of their wonderful illustrated pocket edition of Shakespeare’s dramatic works and poems. This is a carefully edited edition by J. Talfourd Blair, from the best texts, and issued in eight volumes, crown 32mo, packed in a neat little library-case. It is sold, according to style of binding and general finish, at half a guinea, a guinea, a guinea and a half, and two guineas the set. The printing has been beautifully executed by the Glasgow University Press, and whole issue is what it is characterised as by no less eminent an than The Times — “A veritable edition de luxe”. A noteworthy of Messrs. Bryce consists in Bibles and Prayer Books, of which a large and beautiful stock is held. Their establishment also contains a most varied and complete assortment of stationery ; nor should it be omitted to mention that Mr. Bryce has brought out two admirable and important works dealing with old Glasgow, which will be found replete with interest to students of the antiquities of the Clyde metropolis. There is no feature properly characteristic of the enterprise of the modern publisher that does not receive full exemplification at the hands of this house. The trade controlled is one of considerable size, and its connections are with all parts of the United Kingdom and we may say the world at large. The whole business is directed by Mr, David Bryce, who maintains the old-time honourable traditions of the concern.

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