J. Bryce & Son

J. Bryce & Son, Family Hatters, 16, Renfield Street.—

    An eminent house in its line is that conducted by Messrs. J. Bryce & Son, which was established by Mr. John Bryce, in the Trongate, in 1849, and removed to the present address in 1886. The premises now occupied are situated at the corner of Drury Street, being very extensive and supplied with exceedingly handsome fittings and appointments.

    A large and comprehensive stock is held, consisting of gentlemen's silk, felt, doth, tweed, and woollen hats and caps, suitable for road, rail, or river ; also boys’ and youths’ caps, Tam o’Shanters, Glengarry bonnets, straw hats, &c., for dress or school wear. The great specialities for which the firm are noted comprise the far-famed manufactures of such celebrated houses as Messrs. Lincoln & Bennett, Christy & Co., and Carrington & Sons ; they are also sole agents in Glasgow for Taylor’s new patent extra light hats. All the goods held by the house are of surpassing excellence in all respects, and are renowned throughout the trade for their recognised high order of merit, careful workmanship, and thorough finish. The trade is exclusively of a home nature and of the very highest class, being conducted almost entirely among the aristocratic families of the city and its environs.

    The chief partner, Mr. John Bryce, is a gentleman practically acquainted with all the details of the trade, and highly respected in the city, being a Burgess and member of the Grand Antiquity Society, and also a member of the Master Court of the Corporation of Gardeners ; his father and grandfather were all members of that incorporation, and had market-gardens situated near where St. Vincent Place now stands, the lease of which only terminated in 1801.

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