Bryson Brothers

Bryson Brothers, Sign Writers, Grainers, and Decorative Painters, 156, New Dalmarnock Road.—

    The well-known firm of Messrs. Bryson Brothers, who have so successfully carried on the business of sign writers, grainers, and decorative painters for the past eight years, have recently acquired the large and commodious premises, 156, New Dalmarnock Road, where they purpose to continue the business, with the increased advantages and facilities afforded by a much larger establishment. The new premises consist of a large front shop, with commodious, well-lighted, and ventilated saloon behind. The firm have spared neither pains nor expense in thoroughly organising and fitting up the premises. The whole of the front shop has been converted into a showroom, in which are displayed specimens of every description of their work, well showing in every detail the artistic skill and superior talent engaged in this establishment, and comprising all kinds of imitations of woods, marble and decorative work, also designs showing the newest styles for the painting and decorating of dining-rooms, drawing-rooms, and staircases, and the new sanitary washable paper-hangings for bedrooms, &c. The firm also hold in their extensive stores one of the largest stocks in Glasgow of thoroughly matured varnishes. The style and character of the work of Messrs. Bryson Brothers, is well known, and has received universal encomiums of praise.

    Special attention is paid to the decoration of public halls and churches, and amongst their more recent achievements may be mentioned the decoration of the Fairbain Free Church, Baltic Street ; the Newhall Parish Church, the Greenhead Parish Church, and the Barrowfield Parish Church ; and the unsolicited satisfaction expressed by the various committees of management connected with these places of worship must be a source of unqualified pleasure and encouragement to the enterprising proprietors of this business.

    The Herald of 31st July, 1886, says in reference to Newhall Parish Church: “This church has been closed for some time for repairs, the painting work of which was executed by Bryson, Brothers, the effect of which is simply charming”. The Bridgeton Advertiser, 2nd October, 1886, observes re Greenhead Parish Church : “This church was re-opened on Sunday last, and those who had the privilege of being present must have been struck by the changed appearance and marked improvement of the place. Too much praise cannot be given to the Bryson Brothers, for the great taste displayed in the painting and decorating of the church”. Again the Herald, 8th August, 1887, remarks about Barrowfield Parish Church : “This church was re-opened yesterday. The interior has been repainted and decorated with great taste by Messrs. Bryson Brothers, Dalmarnock Road”.

    A local organ, the North British Daily Mail, in commenting upon the work of Messrs. Bryson Brothers, observes, “Very great pains have been taken by them in their work. The decorating displays very fine taste indeed. The ornamentation of the walls is of a neat floral design, while the colouring of the cornices is very chaste”. The business in every department receives the strict personal superintendence of the proprietors, and is conducted with marked ability, energy, and enterprise. The extensive connections of the firm are well founded upon the eminent reputation it has always enjoyed, and the continually increasing business is an ample guarantee of the confidence of the public in the abilities, artistic taste, and high-class workmanship of this popular establishment.

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