J. Buchanan & Co.

J. Buchanan & Co., Coach Builders, 123 to 145, North Street.—

    The eminent house whose well-known name appears above dates its history from the year 1835, when it was founded by Mr. John Buchanan. The business has from the first enjoyed a notably prosperous career, and is one of the largest coach and carriage building undertakings in Glasgow. The concern was purchased four years ago by its present proprietor, Mr. James Alexander, who had for twenty years previously been the managing partner of Messrs. James Henderson & Co. He brings to bear upon the conduct of the business (which he carries on under its original title) a sound and valuable experience.

    The premises occupied in North Street comprise a large building of four spacious floors, occupying an area of about 50 by 130 feet, together with a two-story structure in the rear devoted to the uses of the wood-work department. This distinguished firm enjoys the patronage of most of the leading Scottish families, and is noted for the graceful and artistic design, correct proportions, sound construction, strength, durability, and high finish of all their vehicular manufactures. They are inventors of the “Premier” brougham and chapel cart, with ingeniously contrived shifting seat and door fixtures.

    They were awarded the prize medal for merit and general excellence of production at the Dublin Exhibition, 1865. Messrs. Buchanan & Co. will come prominently to the fore at the approaching International Glasgow Exhibition, 1888, and Mr. Alexander is the only Glaswegian coach-builder on the executive committee of that important and promising exposition. The general manager of the firm’s works is Mr. James Arneil, and of the painting department, Mr. Henry Robertson. The whole business is conducted with conspicuous care, ability, and judgment, and a distinctly superior and most extensive trade is controlled. The firm issue a neat and attractive book of photographic designs. This house has an established reputation and a connection of widespread extent and influence.

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