Wm. Bunten & Co.

Wm. Bunten & Co., Drysalters, &c., 26a, Renfield Street.

    Many trades, such as tanners, bleachers, dyers, and printers, necessitate the employment of chemicals and dyes which can only be obtained from abroad, and a large trade has therefore been developed in the importation of these goods. Among the principal firms in Glasgow thus engaged a very prominent position must be assigned to that of Messrs. William Bunten & Co., whose business was founded in 1856 in premises located on the site of the present Municipal Buildings. Their present are now situated at 26a, Renfield Street, and comprise very spacious warehouses that contain a large and valuable stock.

    Two specialities may be particularly noticed, viz. : valonia, which is obtained from Smyrna, and shumac, from Palermo. Both these commodities are imported in large quantities, and the firm do a very extensive business in connection therewith. Messrs. Bunten have recently been appointed sole agents in Scotland for the Saint-Denis Dyestuff and Chemical Co., Limited. This is a very noted and important house in Paris that has achieved great success in the manufacture of various aniline dyes that have been widely adopted in all parts of the world. Messrs. Bunten have already developed a very large trade in this agency, not only in the immediate district of Glasgow, but also through the whole of Scotland generally. This firm also do a large export trade to the colonies.

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