Burns & Laughland

Burns & Laughland, Manufacturers of Tweeds, &c., 19, Montrose Street.

    Scotland is noted for the manufacture of tweeds. Among the leading firms that are engaged in this branch of trade one of the most thriving and important is that of Messrs. Bums & Laughland, whose house was originally established about ten years ago. The proprietors are Messrs. Alexander Bums, James Laughland, and Alexander Waddell.

    The premises comprise spacious and well-fitted warehouses that are admirably arranged, and contain a very large stock of goods. The chief feature of the business consists in the manufacture of the well-known Scotch tweeds, and in this connection the firm have a first-class reputation for supplying fabrics of a very superior quality. Probably no cloth differs so much in regard to quality as tweeds. It is therefore a very important matter in dealing to know what description of firm the business is being transacted with, and there are few houses that are so renowned as that of Messrs. Bums & Laughland.

    Another very important branch of the manufacture is that of winsey shirting and skirting, in which a very large amount of work is done. The firm have a first-class connection, which is, however, principally confined to Scotland, and includes some of the leading wholesale and most of the retail houses in the trade. Under the energetic management of the proprietors a very extensive business has been developed, and the firm are among the foremost in this branch of industry.

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