Henry Burton & Co.

Henry Burton & Co., Outfitters, 78 & 111, Buchanan Street.ó

    It would be difficult to indicate a name more widely known or more eminently reputed in connection with all that appertains to the trade in high class gentlemenís outfitting than that of the notable house of Messrs. Henry Burton & Co., whose two extensive and attractive establishments, situated respectively as above indicated, are such prominent features in retail commercial circles in Glasgow. This large and representative business was founded upwards of forty years ago, and is now under the capable and energetic control of Messrs. Dobbie & Burton.

    The stocks held at each of the two establishments are very large and valuable. That at 111, Buchanan Street, is almost entirely composed of hosiery, in which an immense variety of first-class goods is shown. A great speciality at this establishment is a celebrated make of buckskin gloves, which have been supplied to the Prince of Wales and members of the nobility. At No. 78 the assortment is more comprehensive, and embraces hats, umbrellas, macintoshes, rugs, dressing bags and cases, portmanteaus, and a splendid range of walking sticks and hunting whips. In fact the firm have developed a speciality of great  value in hunting goods of all kinds, and show these in the greatest diversity and of the finest quality. Their establishment has become the resort of hunting and sporting men from all over Scotland. They have also made a feature of golf requisites, and the department has met with hearty recognition and support at the hands of lovers of that interesting game. One of the noted lines is a good variety Scotch tartan rugs and plaids. But beyond all this the firm are complete gentlemen's outfitters, devoting particular attention to the making up of full outfits for travel and residence abroad, and supplying everything in this connection.

    The house in its entirety is virtually the only one of this particular kind in Glasgow. Its popularity is remarkable in many ways, and is all distinctly traceable to the one important and highly creditable fact, that the firm deal in only the very best classes of goods. The business is personally conducted in every department by the capable and energetic principals above named ; and the upright and honourable methods which characterize its administration have had more than a little to do with the establishment of a voluminous and distinctly superior trade.

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