Cairns & Laing

Cairns & Laing, Plumbers and Gas Fitters, 5, Carlton Place.

    In the manufacture of chemicals the corrosive nature of acids and alkalies has created the necessity for that special trade known as chemical engineering, and in connection therewith it is but just to make prominent mention of a firm which thoroughly represents this important industry. Such we have in the highest degree in the house of Cairns & Laing, who have made their name famous in chemical works all over the world. Established in Bridge Street in 1846 by Mr. William Cairns, the sole proprietor, who assumed as a partner the late Mr. Laing, eighteen months thereafter, the firm entered their present more commodious premises twelve years ago. Mr. Laing died about a year since, and the business continues working under the old title.

    The establishment consists of offices and extensive workshops. They did the plumber work for the International Exhibition buildings, many villas and many better class houses in Pollokshieids and elsewhere, and that of many large buildings in the city, including the Herald Buildings. But although the firm is so well known in connection with sanitary work, it is as chemical engineers that their name is famous. Mr. Cairns is an acknowledged authority in regard to acid plant, his opinion in connection therewith being constantly solicited and acted upon. This is on account of his having erected so many complete acid plants throughout the country. Among their late contracts for foreign countries are included chemical plants for America and South Carolina ; and their home customers include Alexander Hope, Junr. & Co., Stevenson, Carlile & Co., Broxburn Oil Company, Linlithgow Oil Company, Holmes Oil Company, Aberdeen companies, railway companies, &c.

    Taking an ardent interest in the affairs of the district where he resides, Mr. Cairns is a Commissioner, and has won the esteem and respect of the inhabitants of East Pollokshields. He has also held the position of a manager of the Govan Parochial Board, and his services in that district and his high personal qualities have been from time to time acknowledged by his brother commissioners, whose last act of recognition was to raise him to the honourable and responsible position of a magistrate.

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