J. Calder & Co.

J. Calder & Co., Publishers, General Printers, Lithographers, and Account Book Manufacturers, 126, Renfield Street.

    An establishment of great distinction in its line is that of Messrs. J. Calder & Co., which was founded at the present address by Mr. John Calder in 1874. The premises consist of a handsome edifice, with spacious and extensive workshops, the upper portion being utilised as stock and showrooms.

    The most modem machinery is used in all the departments, and the founts of type are of an elaborate description, and the lithographic work produced by the firm is of a superior class. A large staff of experienced printers, compositors, bookbinders, &c., are permanently employed. The class of work for which the house is principally noted is commercial, general, and law printing. Special machinery is a feature of the printing department. It has been invented by Mr. Calder and built to order for label printing, &c., printing, cutting, and banding at a great speed and at one movement. They also do a large business as publishers, &c. Their account books are renowned throughout for their excellence.

    The trade is very extensive, and particularly well established among the leading business houses and public institutions and corporate bodies of the city and throughout the West Indies. The sole partner is Mr. John Calder, a gentleman of the highest status in the trade.

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