Caldwell, Young & Co.

Caldwell, Young & Co., Silk Manufacturers, 178, Buchanan Street.

    The manufacturing house whose well-known name appears above was founded as far back as the year 1850 in Glasgow, under the style of James McAulay & Co., and nearly five years ago assumed the title under which its operations are now conducted. The present premises, comprising a commodious suite of rooms on the first floor, and constituting offices, salerooms, and warerooms, with a large and valuable stock, have been occupied for the past two years. Previous to the removal to this convenient address the business had been for twenty years carried on in St. Vincent Place.

    The personnel of the present firm includes Messrs. J. R. Caldwell and George Young, two gentlemen of high standing and recognised ability in connection with the important industrial branch to which their attention is now so vigorously and successfully directed, and both of whom have been connected with the firm for thirty years.

    Caldwell, Young & Co. have erected an extensive and well-equipped factory at Larkhall, Lanarkshire, and are the only Scottish silk manufacturers, who have a factory of their own. Their operations are conducted upon a large scale, and embrace the manufacture and printing of silk handkerchiefs and other classes of silks for all the markets of the world. These goods are made in all classes and qualities, from the best and most expensive down to the commoner and cheaper grades, and their production calls into requisition the services of a large staff of skilled silk-weaving-and printing operatives, whose labours are assisted by a valuable plant of improved modem machinery.

    Two years ago Messrs. Caldwell, Young & Co. inaugurated a metropolitan depot at 2, Angel Court, Friday Street, London, E.C., and important branches are also controlled at 10, Lever Street, Manchester, at 6, Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, and at Rangoon. The house is thoroughly representative of every department of the industry it so well and creditably exemplifies, and its manufactures have acquired an international reputation, leading to a universal and constantly increasing demand. The business is capably and enterprisingly conducted upon principles which have won and retained the confidence of an influential home and export connection, and their wholesale and shipping trade takes effect directly and indirectly in every quarter of the globe.

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