“The Caledonian Restuarant”

“The Caledonian Restuarant”, (James Arbuckle, Proprietor), 6, Jamaica Street.—

    Of late years there has been much demand for restaurants where one could obtain a first-class meal without being forced to pay exorbitant prices. To meet this demand, some eight years ago Mr. James Arbuckle opened the now well-known Caledonian Restuarant at the above address, and that he has been successful in his efforts is amply evidenced by the large local and country patronage that daily satisfy the inner man at his well-spread tables.

    The restaurant is centrally and eligibly situated within three minutes' walk of the city railway stations, and in point of equipment and service will bear favourable comparison with any contemporary establishment. The premises are conveniently subdivided into general and ladies' dining rooms, and the daily bill of fare embraces sixteen different meat dishes, seven soups, and ten desserts : and the vegetarian as well as the carnivorous is also provided for. The house therefore commends itself to all, and its able management reflects  no inconsiderable credit on its  genial proprietor.

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