R. Cameron

R. Cameron, Cabinet-maker and General Furniture Dealer, 263, Paisley Road.

    The industrial art of the cabinet-maker is appropriately represented by the old-established house conducted by Mr. Robert Cameron, which was founded by him in 1876. The premises are very extensive, and comprise warehouse, storeroom, and workshop.

    Every kind of furniture and cabinet-work is exhibited, the executive part of the business being general cabinet-making and upholstery. Chairs are kept in great variety ; furniture of all kinds is also bought and sold, and in this branch the stock held is immense. Bedsteads in brass and wood, French, half-tester, and every other kind, are found in stock. Bedding, floor-covering, including linoleum, oil-cloths, and wax cloths ; carpets, too, in Brussels, and other qualities. There are also some most substantial chairs, couches, upholstered in hair, cloth, and leather ; sideboards, cabinets, kitchen furniture, chiffoniers in oak and Spanish mahogany, with handsomely carved trusses, carved mirror back, &c.

    Mr. Cameron is a practical cabinet-maker, and a gentleman of the highest status in the trade.

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