Campbell & Hattan

Campbell & Hattan, Coppersmiths and Brassfounders, Kinning Park Copper Works, St. James Street, Paisley Road.—

    This firm, established in 1877 at the above address, have gained a prominent position as manufacturers of every kind of apparatus and appliance commonly made from brass or copper for commercial uses at home and abroad. The works cover an area of about 2,800 square yards, and the firm employs from a hundred and thirty to a hundred and fifty hands.

    They are fitted up with all the latest improved machinery, there being no fewer than six hammers worked by steam power for planishing copper. The motive power is supplied by a high-pressure horizontal steam engine, fitted with Dr. Proell’s patent variable automatic expansion gear, cylinder 14 inches diameter by 32-inch stroke, steam jacketed, always maintaining a uniform speed, irrespective of the burden put upon the machinery. The hydraulic bending machines, which are worked by three horizontal pumps driven by the engine, are each capable of bending an eight-inch copper pipe.

    The principal branches of their manufacture are : copper vacuum pans, triple Effet pans, defecating pans, &c., required for sugar refining; copper fire, steam jacketed, and continuous working stills (of any capacity) for distilleries, in which they do a large business, both home and foreign; copper pipes for marine and locomotive engines, as well as every description of copper requisites for brewers.

    The partners, John Campbell and Peter Hattan, are both gentlemen thoroughly posted in all the details of the business, and in the brief period of ten or eleven years have formed a connection so extensive as to keep the works in constant operation.

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