George Campbell

George Campbell, Ladiesí and Gentlemanís Outfitter, 70 & 72, Vincent Street.ó

    In the business of general outfitting, Mr. George Campbell may be said to have attained his well-known reputation owing to his energy and long experience in the trade. This house was originally established in 1837, by Alex. Mclvor & Co., to whom Mr. George Campbell has been successor for the past twenty-one years.

    The premises are admirably adapted for the purposes of the business, the display of the stock, and the comfort and convenience of patrons. The trade is of a strictly first-class character, and chiefly relates to Glasgow and its immediate vicinity, but a considerable business is done in Indian and Colonial outfits. The stock includes gentlemen's, ladies' and childrenís ready-made underclothing, hosiery, gloves, &c. ; a prominent speciality being made of the manufacture of gentlemenís fine shirts to order, for which the house enjoys a first-class reputation and has an immense demand. Estimates for India and marriage outfits, trousseau, &c., are furnished, and all orders executed in the promptest and most satisfactory manner.

    The house enjoys the distinction of being the first establishment of its class opened in St. Vincent Street.

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