John Campbell

John Campbell, Family Grocer, Tea and Wine Merchant, 232, Lincoln Place, Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow.—

    Mr. John Campbell has been in business some thirteen years, having been established in his present premises since 1875. He is a family grocer and a tea and wine merchant, and the whole is carried on under one management. Mr. Campbell has one of the best family connections in the neighbourhood of Partick. Groceries and provisions are his specialities, and in these branches he cannot be excelled, either for quality or price. Still he does well in other departments, and particularly in his “Bonnie Scotland” blend of old Highland whisky, for which he has a large demand.

    Mr. Campbell occupies a handsome and roomy corner shop, exceedingly well fitted up, splendidly stocked, and neatly appointed, and his extensive cellar accommodation enables him to turn out his malt liquors in splendid condition. The business is managed in a manner which has not merely secured for Mr. Campbell the confidence of his clients, but also their goodwill and esteem. He is an honourable and Upright tradesman, and as such deservedly popular.

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