P. & A. Campbell

P. & A. Campbell, Windsor Saw and Moulding Mills and Steam Joinery Works, Windsor and Campbell Streets, Govan.—

    The extensive business carried on by Messrs. P. & A. Campbell, of the Windsor Saw and Moulding Mills and Steam Joinery Works, presents many features of more than ordinary interest, and has long held a very prominent position among the large industrial establishments of this district, dating back in its foundation to the year 1870. The business has steadily increased concurrently with the development of the trade and industry of the city and district.

    The premises situated in Windsor and Campbell Street are laid out on an extensive scale, and contain saw mills, joiners’ and wrights’ shops, moulding mill, warehouse and stores ; also a well-appointed office and counting-house. In the yard is a large and valuable stock of timber, suitable for the various purposes of the trade. The workshops and saw mills are replete with all the most improved machinery and appliances. The firm are very extensively engaged in every department of their business, including the construction of doors, windows, window finishing, and all kinds of joiners’ work ; also the making of architraves, facings, beads, &c., and mouldings of every description. The business in every department is conducted with marked ability, energy and enterprise.

    The firm have a first-class connection, extending to all parts of the city and district, which is well founded on the eminent reputation they have so long enjoyed, and the thorough confidence established by the high quality of all the materials, and the sound and reliable character of the workmanship. Both the partners, Mr. Peter and Mr. Alex. Campbell, take an active part in the business, and are well known and highly esteemed in mercantile circles.

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