Quintin Campbell

Quintin Campbell, Silk Agent, 108, Argyle Street.

    Among the leading houses in the silk trade in Glasgow that carried on under the above title holds in some respects a unique position, and is eminently representative. Since 1879, the date of foundation, a very large and important trade has been developed under the energetic management of the proprietor, who acts as agent for several of the most renowned manufacturing houses both on the Continent and in England.

    The premises occupied comprise spacious warehouse, saleroom, and office. The establishment has become renowned for the very superior quality of the goods kept in stock, and is one of the most popular houses in the trade in Great Britain. A large business is also done in all descriptions of velvet and dress goods generally. The business is entirely wholesale, and its operations are confined to the largest houses of Great Britain, and the Continent, and is very ably conducted. Many of the specialties of British manufacture have been introduced with great success into France, Germany, and Italy by this house, while a large trade is done in this country in foreign silks of French, German, Swiss, and Italian production, and the house is also very strong in the leading makes of Chinese and Indian silks, such as Shantungs, Pongees, &c.

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