Thomas B. Campbell & Sons

Thomas B. Campbell & Sons, Metal and Tinplate Merchants, 29, Wellington Street, and at Cornwall Street, Kinning Park.ó

    This old and highly respectable concern was founded about sixty years ago (in 1828) by T. B. Campbell, of Edinburgh. The business is conducted in premises built by the firm in the year 1870. Mr. Thomas B. Campbell, son of the founder, has for some years been the sole partner.

    The firm are metal and tinplate merchants, and manufacturers of sheet lead, lead pipes, tin tubes, composition gas tubes, red lead and litharge. The business done by the firm in all its branches is very considerable, their connection being not merely widespread but of a very influential and substantial kind. They employ a large staff of clerks and travellers, and a great number of men at their works in Cornwall Street.

    The premises in Wellington Street comprise offices, showrooms, and warehouses, and these occupy an area of about 3,000 square yards. The warehouses contain an enormous and varied stock of metals and materials for the use of engineers, ironmongers, plumbers, and the associated trades, and a special feature of the establishment is a large showroom in which sanitary appliances of the most approved description are to be seen in operation.

    The works are in Cornwall Street, Paisley Road, and are much more extensive, covering more than an acre of ground. Here is carried on the manufacture of sheet lead and the other goods already specified. The firmís manufactures have the highest reputation for excellence, and their commercial reputation stands second to none In Glasgow.

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