Cantrell & Cochrane

Messrs. Cantrell & Cochrane, 51 and 58, Surrey Street.—

    The world-wide reputation attained by the eminent firm of Messrs. Cantrell & Cochrane, manufacturers of aerated and mineral waters, of Belfast and Dublin, with depots in London and Glasgow, is a notable instance of the results of well-directed energy and enterprise in the development of a special and very important branch of industry. The extensive business carried on by this firm dates back in its foundation to the year 1852, when Dr. Cantrell commenced operations in Belfast, and then laid the foundation of what has since developed into those two huge establishments — the one in the above named city, and the other in Dublin.

    Originally established in Bank Lane, Belfast, the business soon outgrew the accommodation, and to meet the requirements of the rapidly developing trade the splendid premises in Victoria Square were provided. In the meantime Dr. Cantrell was joined in Dublin by Alderman Cochrane. The partnership was formed in 1868, and marked an important era in the history of the firm, for while the manufacturing operations continued to extend in Cromac Buildings, Belfast, they made still greater progress in their Nassau Works, Dublin, the reputation of their productions meanwhile increasing in all parts of the world.

    About four years ago Dr. Cantrell retired from the firm, the present head of which is the worthy and popular Sir Henry Cochrane, who in addition to occupying an alderman’s seat in the corporation of the Irish metropolis also holds the position of deputy-lieutenant and justice of the peace for the county of Dublin, and is held in the highest estimation.

It would be impracticable within the limits of the present article to describe in detail the two extensive manufacturing establishments of this firm in Belfast and Dublin, or the modus operandi of the interesting process of the manufacturing, bottling, corking, wiring, and capsuling of these well-known and delicious beverages ; it must suffice to say that the works are the largest and most complete of their kind in the world, and the machinery and appliances are the best and most improved that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised for the various operations.

    Messrs. Cantrell & Cochrane have been represented in Glasgow for the past twenty-five years. Their Establishment, situated at 51 and 53, Surrey Street, consists of an extensive warehouse and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house, and is under the able and energetic management of Mr. George Seth, who controls a very large and rapidly increasing business, having a first-class connection with all the leading hotels, clubs, restaurants, &c., both in this city and throughout the whole of Scotland, a large quantity also being shipped from here to all parts of the world.

    In the warehouse is a varied and valuable stock of the well-known beverages of this firm, including Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Royal Seltzer, Potass, Lithia Water ; also their specialities, as Aerated Sarsaparilla, Sparkling “Montserrat,” and “Club” Soda. This particular brand of Soda Water was specially recognised by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, on the occasion of his recent visit to Dublin, who was greatly pleased with its refreshing and allaying qualities. The “Club Soda” was instrumental in obtaining for the firm the high honour of being appointed manufacturers of mineral waters to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

    Some idea of the magnitude of the manufacturing operations of Messrs. Cantrell & Cochrane may be gathered from the fact that the Dublin factory alone can turn out one hundred and fifty thousand bottles per day, and the output of the Belfast works is nearly as large. The firm have been awarded Twenty-Nine Gold and Prize Medals at the various International Exhibitions since their establishment. Their small but handsome show-case in court 21, Glasgow International Exhibition, artistically surmounted with flags of different nations, is neatly arranged with the various products, samples of which can be had from the attendant.

    We also observe that they are supplying their waters in richly engraved Syphons, an outset to any table and a boon to all who study economy combined with quality. With respect to a firm of such old standing and influential position any special commendation or praise is unnecessary and would be superfluous. Their trade is yearly assuming larger proportions, in consequence of the decrease in the use of alcoholic drinks and the increasing use of aerated and medicinal beverages. Mineral waters have therefore become a sine qua non, and new beverages against which the most fastidious medical advisers cannot find any complaint are naturally in demand, more especially with residents in the East, and the name of Cantrell & Cochrane is as well known in Egypt, India, China, Australia, and America as it is in Great Britain. It is doubtless owing to the suitability of the water supply that the brand of this firm is held in such universal esteem. At Belfast they were successful in tapping the celebrated “Cromac Springs” by sinking a well to the depth of a hundred and sixteen feet, at an expense of over £2,000.

    At Dublin the Alderman, with great perseverance, rediscovered “St. Patrick’s Well,” which in olden times was held in such reverence by the disciples of Ireland’s patron saint. There are six distinct springs in connection with it, which give forth an inexhaustible supply, thus relieving them of a disadvantage with which too many of their competitors have to contend. Alderman Sir Henry Cochrane, D.L., J.P., has been prominently identified with the manufacturing industries of Ireland for many years.

    He became a member of the Dublin corporation in 1876, and remained in undisturbed possession of his seat until a recent re-election of aldermen for the South Side of the city, when his return was opposed by a prominent “Nationalist” candidate. He, however, not only succeeded in retaining his position, but was instrumental in winning another seat in the Mansion House Ward for the Constitutional party, and his popularity was attested by the fact that he polled a large number of “Nationalist” votes. Accompanied by an influential deputation, Sir Henry Cochrane had the honour of presenting in person to her Majesty, who held a Court at Windsor for the occasion, an address of congratulation from the loyal citizens of Dublin, the address being enclosed in a beautiful silver casket of Irish manufacture. We may add that sir Henry Cochrane is chairman of the old-established and well-known firm of Thacker & Hoffe, Limited, Wholesale Chemists, &c., and is also chairman of the Bray Town Commissioners.

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