James G. Carrick & Co.

James G. Carrick & Co., Manufacturers of Trunks, Baths, Street Lamps, &c., Calderwood Street.—

    This highly respectable and noted house was founded by Mr. J. G. Carrick’s father, nearly forty years since.

    The firm manufacture all kinds of iron and tin boxes and cases, adapted to every purpose, and made in the very best style. The firm also manufacture baths of all sorts, street lamps, metallic casks, kegs, cisterns, mill and painter’s buckets, &c. ; and besides these branches they are ventilating engineers, gas fitters, bell-hangers, &c. ; also, general tinsmiths, and workers in sheet iron, copper, and zinc. The firm are the sole makers of Munn’s patent ventilators, and of Dr. Irvine’s patent water heater, for baths, &c.

    The business is one of great magnitude, and in addition to a splendid home connection the firm does a large shipping trade. About one hundred and eighty hands are employed. The commercial reputation of this firm is second to none in Glasgow, and it would be impossible to work a business upon more honourable lines.

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