David Chalmers

David Chalmers, Hosier, Glover, Hatter, and Clothier, 365, 367, and 369, Paisley Road.—

    Mr. David Chalmers has been established in business since the year 1872, in the present premises. His emporium comprises two shop adjoining, and having separate entrances from the street : the first, and largest, being appropriated to the clothiers’ and hatters’ departments, and the second to the hosiery, shirts, &c. Mr. Chalmers has a very excellent connection in Glasgow and the district, his goods being of first-rate quality, style, and workmanship, and his prices exceedingly moderate, while special attention is given to his tailoring department, where gentlemen’s clothing is cut and finished in most modem styles and where a good trade is being done. His establishment is neatly fitted up throughout, his stocks are large and varied, and he employs a good working staff.

    Mr. Chalmers is a gentleman possessing business tact and energy, and is popular both as a tradesman and a citizen.

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