Christie, Devlin, & Findlay

Christie, Devlin, & Findlay, Pavement Merchants, Great Wellington Street, Glasgow, and 7, Hamilton Street, Paisley.

    One of the most thoroughly representative firms of pavement, merchants in town is that of Christie, Devlin, & Findlay, who established their business in 1870. The premises of the firm at this address consist of an office and yard 300ft. X 50ft. in extent, which is stocked with Arbroath and Caithness pavements, hearths, and slates. Mr. Robert Christie and Mr. John Devlin, the sole partners in the business, have a branch establishment at 7, Hamilton Street, Paisley, and they do an immense business, their trade extending all over the country.

    They supply their pavements, &c., either from their stores, or direct from the quarries. In Arbroath pavement, of various kinds the firm do a large business. All their contracts are promptly and perfectly executed. The long experience of Messrs. Christie & Devlin, their principle of caring scrupulously for the interests of their supporters in the quality of material, and their reputed high characters as business men, are factors which have no doubt assisted in raising them to the high position they hold in the trade.

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