William Clark & Co.

William Clark & Co., Iron and Steel Merchants, 45, Hope Street.

    The commercial prosperity of the city of Glasgow is undoubtedly due to a great extent to the enormous development of the iron and steel industry, and to the manifold uses to which these metals are applied in the vast workshops, factories, and ship-building yards of this immense centre of industrial activity.

    Amongst the many large and influential firms extensively engaged as iron and steel merchants is the well-known house of Messrs. William Clark & Co., founded five years ago by the present proprietor. This firm has gained a firm footing in the trade, dealing largely with the leading firms in all descriptions of iron and steel, and being the agents in Scotland for the well-known firm of Sir Henry Bessemer & Co., Limited, of Sheffield.

    Messrs. Clark & Co. export largely, being well represented in the American, Colonial, and Indian markets. The business is conducted in spacious and well-arranged premises, comprising admirably appointed offices and counting-house.

    Mr. Clark is a gentleman occupying a good position in commercial circles, and possesses the support of a very widespread and valuable connection.

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