Clarke & Caldwell

Clarke & Caldwell, Tailors, Argyle Street.—-

    “Hyain’s Comer” has long been the Glasgow sobriquet of the attractive building at the junction, of Miller Street with Argyle Street, which is now occupied by Messrs. Clarke & Caldwell, tailors and clothiers. Almost from time immemorial it has been sacred to the sartorial art, and its renown as a temple of fashion will in no way be lessened by the energetic enterprise exhibited by the present experienced proprietors. The success of the establishment during the comparatively short time — only three years — that it has been in their hands has been really phenomenal, and Messrs. Clarke & Caldwell may now be considered as one of the leading firms of their trade in Glasgow. They commenced business in Argyle Street in 1882, but soon found it incumbent for the proper development of their trade to remove to their present premises.

    In measuring, cutting, fitting, &c., the firm have achieved most enviable success while, the large and varied stock of material from which customers have the selection contributes to that satisfaction which is so pleasant to all parties. The two upper flats of the building are devoted to the workshops. They are scrupulously clean and thoroughly well ventilated. The assistants in all departments are very numerous, and tribute is due to the order and method which characterise the details of the business in every transaction. The cutting and making-up departments are under the personal supervision of Mr. Caldwell ; and as only cutters of experience and proved ability are employed, and every garment is made up on the premises, the fit and workmanship may alike be relied upon as being of superior character.

    The stock of boys’ and youths’ clothing ready for immediate use, made from the best selected Irish and Scotch tweeds, is remarkable both for quality and excellence. The firm has also made a speciality of suits of these materials at the very moderate price of 50s., and trousers of the same quality 13s. Although much of the very large trade done is necessarily of a local character, shipping orders are executed for all parts of the world. Messrs. Clarke & Caldwell, however, lay themselves out especially for the better middle-class trade on cash principles.

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