The Clyde Cooperage Company, Limited

The Clyde Cooperage Company, Limited, Coopers, Vat Builders, Packing Case Makers, Stave and Hoop Merchants, 54 to 64, Port Dundas Road.—

    Among the many large influential industrial establishments which have rendered this district so celebrated, the Clyde Cooperage Company, limited, contributes in no small degree to both its industrial and commercial prosperity, and in an historical sketch of the industries and manufactures of Glasgow and the neighbourhood, an establishment of such old standing and extensive connections must necessarily occupy a very prominent position. The business was established over sixty years ago by Mr. John Stewart, J. W. McGregor & Co., and Mr. John Bisset, who carried it on up to the year 1884, when it was converted into a limited company.

    The works cover fully an acre of ground, and comprise a large building of two stories, including workshops and stores ; also extensive accommodation for the warehousing and seasoning of all sizes of distillers’ and brewers’ casks, together with saw mills and a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. Upwards of sixty workmen are constantly engaged in the various departments, the Company carrying on extensively all kinds of cooper’s work, making of packing cases of all sizes, vat building and sawing, and also do a very large business as stave and hoop merchants, having a first-class connection with the leading firms in Glasgow and throughout the kingdom. This extensive connection is well founded upon the eminent reputation the Company has so long enjoyed, and the care and attention exercised in the selection and proper seasoning of the materials used in the manufacture, and the superior character of the workmanship.

    The position of manager is occupied by Mr. James Cumming, and that of secretary by Mr. W. M. Gordon, gentlemen highly respected and much esteemed.

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