The Clyde Rivet Works Company

The Clyde Rivet Works Company, Manufacturers of Iron or Steel Rivets, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, &c., Clyde Rivet Works, Dundas Street, Kingston, Glasgow.

    Prominent amongst the many large and influential establishments which contribute to the commercial and industrial prosperity of this city and district, is the well-known Clyde Rivet Works Company. The Clyde Rivet Works date back to the year 1853, and were established originally at Mavisbank Quay, where the business was carried on up to 1874, when, owing to the necessity for increased accommodation, the present extensive and commodious premises in Dundas Street, Kingston, were entered upon.

    The Clyde Rivet Works are well recognised as one of the largest and most complete establishments of their kind in the United Kingdom. The plant is laid out on a most extensive scale, and capable of turning out about fifty tons of finished work daily. The machinery and appliances are the best and most economical that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised, a great deal of which is the special invention and adaptation of the company. By an ingenious arrangement the waste heat from the furnaces is utilised for firing the steam boilers. The whole of the plant in the rivet department is driven by a powerful horizontal engine of 18 inch cylinder and 3 feet stroke. In the bolt and nut-making department the machinery is of equally ingenious construction. In the screwing department the machinery is of a highly developed character. The machinery in this part of the works is driven by a Tangye engine of 12 feet cylinder and 24 inch stroke.

    In addition to the workshops there are also large warehouses, stores, pattern shops, and all the accessories of a large and thoroughly organised establishment. Upwards of one hundred and fifty workmen are constantly employed. Great care and sound judgment are exercised in the selection of the materials, which are of the very best quality. The Clyde Rivet Works Company are upon the Admiralty list, and, among others, are engaged on extensive contracts for Messrs. W. Arrol & Co., builders of the Tay Bridge, and also Messrs. Tancred Arrol & Co., builders of the Forth Bridge, for all bolts, nuts, and rivets they require. A very extensive business is also done with shipbuilders, engineers, boilermakers, &c., in all parts of the United Kingdom, and a rapidly increasing export trade.

    Mr. John Henry Ziegler, the managing partner, is a gentleman possessing the advantage of long and thorough practical and mercantile experience, and exercises in the management of this extensive establishment great ability, sound judgment, and well directed energy.

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