Cochran & King

Cochran & King, Brush Manufacturers, 175, Trongate.

    The manufacture of brushes is a very important branch of industry very fully represented in the above firm, whose business is among the most prominent in the trade. One of the partners, Mr. Cochran, has been connected with the brush manufacturing industry for a great number of years, and has considerable knowledge of the trade, and therefore of the requirements of the public in connection therewith.

    The premises occupied by the firm consist of a spacious building of two flats that are in every respect well fitted and admirably arranged. An enormous stock is kept, and includes brushes for almost every conceivable purpose. One of the large flats is used as a factory, and a numerous staff of highly-skilled hands are employed.

    The firm have acquired a widespread reputation for the admirable quality of the goods supplied, both in material and construction. Among the chief features of the business may be mentioned the various brooms and brushes used for domestic purposes. There are also brushes for toilet purposes, including hair and hat-brushes, &c., and brushes used in stable work, such as horse, body, water, and dandy-brushes. The firm devote special attention to the construction of all the different brushes that are required in mill, factory, or public works. In all these varied departments a very large trade is done, and the connection extends to all parts of Scotland, an efficient staff of travellers representing the firm.

    The business is very ably conducted under the energetic management of the proprietors, who have achieved great success in a short space of time.

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