Colvill & Co.

Colvill & Co., Tea Warehouse, 50, Trongate.—

    Among the leading houses in the tea trade there are few that have such a widespread reputation as that in the proprietorship of Messrs. Colvill & Co. The business was founded in 1846 by the firm of Messrs. Colvill & Co., under which title the business is still known, although it was acquired about twenty-one years ago by Mr. A. L. Roxburgh, who is now the sole partner.

    The premises consist of a very spacious shop, that is well fitted in every detail and has a very superior appearance. The stores in the basement are commodiously arranged in every detail. The stock, which is very extensive, consists almost entirely of teas and coffees, although the firm also do a small amount of trade in general groceries. To the supply of tea the attention of the firm is particularly directed. The proprietor imports very extensively from the most celebrated growing districts. He has several special blends he has introduced with great success and in which he does a large trade. The other important branch of the business is connected with the sale of coffee, and in this likewise the firm have gained a very widespread reputation.

    The business operations of the firm extend all over the country and to parts of England and Ireland. The business has been managed with exceptional ability and energy, and it is to this fact that the widespread connection of the firm is so largely due. No notice of this establishment would be complete without making mention of the enormous revolving tea-bowl they possess. This is said to be the largest fitting of this description that has ever been constructed in this country, and it has a capacity of 600 lbs. of tea. The establishment is known as “The Golden Canister and Revolving Bowl”.

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