Connal & Bannatyne

Connal & Bannatyne, Sewed Muslin Manufacturers, 263, Argyle Street.—

    The firm of Messrs. Connal & Bannatyne has been established since 1871. The firm originated from the old-established house of Hugh Brown & Co., both the partners of the present firm having been connected with Messrs. Brown for many years. The premises occupied consist of spacious warehouses and counting-house, attached to which are large workrooms, where a number of skilled and experienced hands are engaged.

    The firm manufacture various goods connected with the sewed muslin trade. Among the leading features of the business may be mentioned children's sun hats and bonnets, infants’ bibs, pinafores, aprons, &c. They also manufacture embroidered flannel skirts, and articles of a similar description. Most of these branches of industry are carried out on the premises, but the work done in connection with embroidery is executed in Ayrshire and in Ireland. The trade is extensive, and is carried on in connection with the wholesale houses in England, Scotland, and America.

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