John Cousar & Co.

John Cousar & Co., Linen Merchants and Sack Manufacturers, 65, Hope Street (Telegraphic address, “Cousar, Glasgow”).—

    This firm was founded in 1872. The partnership consists of John Cousar and James Chisholm, both of whom formerly held positions of trust in the now defunct Glasgow Jute Company. The principal trade of the concern is the manufacture of sacks, also printing on bags. The firm keep a great number of women regularly employed in the sack-making branch, and they also employ several travellers.

    They occupy very spacious premises in Washington Street, convenient to the harbour and connected by telephone with their city office, which formerly formed part of the “Saracen Foundry”. Messrs. Cousar & Company do a widespread trade, and they have a good substantial connection, which is both regular and reliable. On their premises are large hydraulic packing and sack-printing presses, used in connection with their business, and driven by engine power.

    The members of the firm are well known in and around Glasgow, and are much respected in the locality. In addition to their ordinary business of sack makers and dealers in all kinds of jute yarns, twines, sackings, baggings, Hessians, and kindred fabrics, they are the most extensive dealers in second-hand bags, and possess special facilities in their extensive premises for sorting, mending, and packing same for shipment to all parts of the world. They are also large importers of sacks made in Calcutta, where mills and factories have of late years been established for the manufacture of sacks on the spot where the jute plant is grown.

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