Archibald Cousland & Co.

Archibald Cousland & Co., Machine Wire and Wire-cloth. Makers, 37, Hunter Street.

    This branch of industry occupies the attention of Messrs. Archibald Cousland & Co., an old-established firm, whose business was purchased from the founders by Mr. William McAllum over thirty-five years ago at premises in Gallowgate. Subsequently, to meet the demands of a largely increased trade, it was removed to the present address in 1864, where the firm occupy a spacious building which is well adapted to the requirements of the trade.

    The workshops are admirably fitted with a requisite amount of modern and paten machinery incidental to this branch of the trade, and a great number of hands are employed in the different departments. The work is carried out under very careful supervision in every department, and the firm have gained an unsurpassed reputation for the superiority of construction shown in every detail of their manufacture. A very extensive trade is done in both departments of the business.

    In addition to supplying the leading manufacturers in all parts of the United Kingdom, a considerable business is done abroad, and the trade may be said to be world-wide in its comprehensiveness. The business is very ably conducted, and owe much of its success and pre-eminent position to the energy and enterprise displayed in the management, which has resulted in placing the firm in the very foremost ranks of the trade.

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