Cowan & Drysdale

Messrs. Cowan & Drysdale, Merchants and Drysalters, 124, Renfield Street.

    A house of good standing in its line is that of Messrs. Cowan & Drysdale, which was established in 1863 by Mr. James Cowan. In 1872 Mr. Drysdale entered the business, and from that date it has been known under the above title.

    The premises consist of sample-room, counting-house, and extensive stores, all of which are well appointed for business purposes. A large stock of drysaltery goods is held, including all dye-stuffs and anilines for dyeing and printing on woollen and cotton goods ; also gums, &c. A leading feature in the business is the sale of essences and other requisites for confectioners. In addition to a good home trade, the firm are regular shippers to New Zealand, Australia and other ports.

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