Hugh Craig

Hugh Craig, Grocer and Provision Merchant, 146, Main Street, Maryhill.

    A well-known firm in connection with the provision industries, and one deserving of prominent mention, is that of Hugh Craig. Established by George Sutherland several years ago, this business was acquired by the present proprietor in 1887. The premises consist of a handsome double shop, which is nicely fitted up.

    There is a splendid stock of groceries and provisions. These include their famous blends of teas, which for quality and prices have made this warehouse very popular in the locality. Among the secrets by which Mr. Craig has won his reputation of a first-class grocer is the facilities he has for buying for cash in the foremost markets, enabling him to sell some of his goods at wholesale prices. A large factor, also, in helping him to win the confidence and support of householders is his courteous manner and upright and honourable principles, which have also gained for him the respect and esteem of a large circle of social friends.

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