John Craig

John Craig, Stair Railer, Turner, Fret Cutter, Architectural Carver, and Cabinet Maker, 94, Paterson Street.—

    This business, which is by common consent justly regarded as one of the most representative of its class in Glasgow, was founded by Mr. Craig in 1865. It has since been conducted with commendable enterprise, and this, combined with the well-known excellence and artistic finish of all work undertaken by the establishment, has caused the name and repute of the proprietor to be familiar in all parts of the country.

    The extensive premises occupied cover a space of 800 square yards, and the buildings are three storeys in height. Machinery of the most modem, effective, and perfect kind is used throughout the works for sawing, planing, moulding, drilling, grooving, fret work, and turning. The work done by this firm is excelled by no other house in Scotland. The operatives employed are men of the highest skill, many of them being as much artiste in the material they manipulate as the knight of the brush or pencil. Stair railing, fret work, turning, carving, and cabinet-making, from that required in the simplest household to the most elaborate mansion, palace, or cathedral, are produced in a style which for perfection, refinement, and general strict conformity to the canons of art, proves Mr. Craig, his designers, and staff to be past-masters of the profession in which they are engaged. The extent of the patronage accorded to the business may be deduced from the fact that from sixty to seventy men are constantly employed. Large stocks of timber are held, and a fine selection of specimens in every branch of the mediaeval art, par excellence, are on view. Designs are furnished or are worked from as supplied, and fidelity to instructions is guaranteed by Mr. Craig, under whose personal supervision every order is executed. The whole establishment is conducted in an able and energetic manner, and parties requiring work, as above specified, executed at a moderate cost and in accordance with artistic taste and ideas, cannot study their own interests better than by visiting Mr. Craig’s headquarters and entrusting him with the execution of their orders.

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