William Craig

William Craig, Grocer and Provision Merchant, 127, Crown Street.—

    Crown Street, forming the main thoroughfare of Hutchesontown, has the largest portion of traffic on the south-eastern part of the city, and a dense population of the working-class order surrounds it. Mr. Craig has been established here, in these same premises, for the space of thirteen years. His shop is in a fine central situation for its capacity ; it is well adapted in every respect, repletely stocked with copious supplies of fresh groceries and provisions from the best markets.

    In one of his advertisements, he says, “Buying in the best markets, and selling at a small profit, we give the best value that can be had”. This has its own significance, and Mr. Craig is good surety for it. His business devotion and integrity, and his extensive knowledge of the markets, give him many advantages, which he has turned to admirable advantage. The business has secured widespread patronage, and its proprietor is greatly respected.

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