Crawford, Cree & Co.

Crawford, Cree & Co., Wool Broilers and General Commission Merchants, 28, Ingram Street.

    Amongst the many large and influential mercantile houses of this city, the old-established and known firm of Messrs. Crawford, Cree & Co. has for many years occupied a very prominent position. The business was originally established in 1842, by Messrs. W. J. Cree & Co., yam and wool agents, in Brunswick Street. In 1859 the business was removed to Clyde Place, and the title of the firm changed to Messrs. Crawford, Cree & Co., wool brokers. In 1879 they entered upon their present extensive and commodious premises, which contain about four thousand square yards of floorage.

    The mercantile part of the business is conducted in well-appointed offices and counting house. A large staff of experienced warehousemen, clerks, and assistants is constantly employed in the various departments. The firm does a very large business in all classes of wools, having a first-class and old-established connection with the leading manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom, and an extensive and rapidly increasing export trade. The business is conducted with that commendable spirit of enterprise and energy which has always so strongly animated the members of this firm. Both the partners, Mr. William J. Cree and Mr. William Colin Cree, take an active part in the business, and occupy a high position in commercial circles.

    Under the old firm of William J. Cree & Co. and under separate management, an extensive yarn agency business is carried on.

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