James Crichton

James Crichton, Goldsmith, Silversmith, and Jeweller, 84, Argyle Street.

    Individual enterprise and worth must be recognised, because their effects are reproductive and have far-reaching influences. Thus, in tracing the merits of a business, we must commence with the individual, and it is pleasing in this respect to meet with such an individual as Mr. James Crichton, goldsmith, watchmaker, and jeweller. The respectability and popularity of this house may be equalled but not surpassed in the city, and the individual enterprise and energy of its proprietor are well worthy of consideration.

    Mr. Crichton commenced business in 1860, in Trongate. He had much practical experience, and in addition to this his native shrewdness for which he is characteristic soon led him to strike out a path for himself. We refer to the reduction in price of watch glasses and main springs. Previous to the establishment of Mr. Crichton the price for a watch glass was sixpence, and for having a main spring refitted, five shillings. There was a monopoly of this in the trade ; but Mr. Crichton broke down the barrier and charged for the inserting of a watch glass twopence, and the fitting of a main spring two shillings and sixpence. This step marked out a career of splendid success for its author, which he has pursued with an unbroken fidelity to the public.

    It is about ten years since he acquired by purchase the premises at 84, Argyle Street, which are most attractively fitted and finished. To right and left of the entrance is a counter elaborately laid out with glass showcases, containing a beautiful and valuable array of the smaller articles in gold and silver jewellery. The arrangement of the house in all its interior features is superb,, and the windows are a rich-index of the character of the establishment. This shop is the medium of a select and high-class trade, is well patronised by the better classes, and has a favourite niche in public esteem, generally speaking. The branch, shop at 137, Trongate, which has been retained since the commencement, is also a very fine duplicate of the former. Owing to property alterations some five years ago, it was rebuilt and remodelled, and is one of the foremost of its kind in the city. The property belongs to Mr. Crichton, and above his shop here he has some fine flats suitable for warehousemen and others. He does a very substantial business in town and country, has a wide popularity, and his name is regarded by the public as a guarantee for the excellence both of material and workmanship.

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