Croggon & Company, Limited

Croggon & Company, Limited, Iron House and Church Builders, Roofing and Hair Felt Manufacturers, Sec., 7, John Street.—

    This first-class and well-known firm has now been in existence forty years. They were first established in George Square, but removed to their present premises about seven years ago. The original style of the firm was Croggon & Co., but it is now conducted under the title of Croggon & Co., Limited.

    The company are iron house and church builders, roofing and hair felt manufacturers, and they deal in sheet and perforated zinc ; galvanised, tinned, and coated iron ; buckets, scoops, wire netting, fencing and stand wire ; nails ; wrought iron cisterns, painted and galvanised (made to order) ; galvanised corrugated iron sheets, foundation felt slabs, &c.

    The company do a very large trade in Glasgow and the neighbourhood, as well as in other parts of the kingdom, and they have establishments in London (200, Upper Thames Street), and in Liverpool (6, Stanley Street), and their connection extends to all parts of the United Kingdom. The manager in Glasgow is Mr. Henry Mogg, who is now a director of the company. The business of the company is steadily increasing. The company’s telegraphic address is “Croggon, Glasgow”.

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