Ed. Crosher

    Ed. Crosher, late practical partner of the old-established firm of William Crosher & Co., established in 1842, has now built extensive works for the manufacture of screws, bolts, rivets, spikes, &c. The works are situated at Great Wellington Street, Paisley Road, Toll. The premises consist of a large new building facing the street, three storeys in height, and 75 feet long by 30 feet in width, and comprising offices, stores, and warehouse; and the works, behind and adjoining, extending 100 feet by about 60 feet. The works, where about forty artisans are employed, as also a considerable number of females, are fully furnished with the best machinery.

    A special article of manufacture is a patent wood screw, which Mr. Crosher turns out very successfully. Another special feature in this establishment is the making of bolts and screws from Muntz or Delta metal, which quite recently has been introduced in this particular, and has already met with great success. This metal possesses great strength, and seems to be admirably adapted for bolts or screws, especially where acids are used. It is unnecessary to state that the business is flourishing. Mr. Crosher’s thorough practical experience, able management, and wide connection, added to the splendid machinery of the new establishment, could not fail to command immediate prosperity.

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