William Crosher & Co.

William Crosher & Co., Screw, Bolt, Patent Nut, and Wood-screw manufacturers, 87, Portman Street, Kinning Park (Telephone No. 1558).

    This firm, established in 1840 by Mr. William Crosher, and known in business circles as Messrs. William Crosher & Co., has gained a reputation for work in wood and iron screws, nuts, and bolts. The sole partner now is Mr. John M. Crosher, who continues to enjoy the merited patronage given all these years to the firm.

    The works consist of a large building of two flats, containing a large amount of machinery of the most modern description, for the manufacture of bolts, nuts, screws, studs, &c., and providing employment for seventy workers. The office and stores are adjacent to the main gateway, and have a telephonic connection. The firm do a large trade with ironmongers, &c., in Glasgow and all over Scotland, the business being specially adapted for this class of work, and which, under the able supervision of Mr. J. M. Crosher, retains all its original features, with modern adaptations, and is kept well to the front.

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