John Cunningham & Co.

John Cunningham & Co., Kingston Paint Works, Kinning Street:

    This firm occupies an honourable position as manufacturers of various qualities of paints and varnishes. They commenced business in 1871, in premises at 39, St. Jame's Street, Kinston, where the business was carried on prosperously for eight years. In 1878 it was found necessary to remove to the present premises in Kinning Street, which cover an area of 1,300 square yards, consist of two floors, comprising offices, shops, stores &c. The best machinery and appliances are in use for preparing the raw and crude materials used in the manufacture.

    The firm also carry on business as drysalters, oil, colour, and glass merchants, and do a large business. The business steadily increases, showing clearly that the best practical knowledge is brought to bear on the various processes of manufacturing. Shippers and wholesale dealers placing orders with this firm may rely on being supplied with an article second to nothing of its kind in the market.

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