Currie & Co.

Currie & Co., Lithographers and Engravers, 117, Centre Street.

    The business carried on under the style of Messrs. Currie & Co., is fully alive to the public demand, and is known for the enterprise it shows in the adoption of the best and newest methods tending to produce first-class workmanship in lithography and engraving. The business was established in Howard Street in 1875, and removed to present premises in 1886. The premises in Centre Street consist of a very large airy flat, 100 feet by 50 feet, and is part of the building in which Messrs. Nairn, the famous linoleum makers, have their premises.

    The workshops of this firm are of a very commodious character, healthy, and conveniently arranged for the conducting of the business in all its branches. There are here employed over sixty hands, mostly girls. The firm makes a speciality in coloured and varnished lithography and have turned out work of surpassing excellence in this department. Mr. Currie has a thorough practical knowledge of the trade, having been for many years connected with the best-known houses in the city. The business is mostly taken up in the manufacture of spool tickets for thread manufacturers, the standing of the house in this industry being well-established for first-class work.

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